Beware of Scams- Start A Real Online Business Today!!

Are you sick of the rat race? Do you dream of being your own boss, but don’t know where to start?  Fortunately, you are not alone.   You CAN get the tools that you need to start your own online business and be a success!


Run from the rat race as fast as you can!

The internet is full of scams that promise a lot but return very little for your money.  They will send you some vague information that never makes you the thousands as promised in the advertisement.  Unfortunately, failure is the result of many online business opportunities.  So how can you avoid failure?  Keep reading!

Looking For The Pot of Gold At The End Of The Internet Rainbow?

If you are like me, you are looking for a real business  – not some mindless scam that doesn’t produce results.   When looking for an online business, most of us want to be in business to give people something of value in return for their money.  Nobody likes to invest money and not get something in return.

What you really need is to invest in something that will give you the education and tools for success.  Something that is an actual business investment in your future.  That business investment is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped me become independent, start a business that I love, and find a wonderful online community that is dedicated to my success.  I will tell you more about my experience later, but now, let me tell you what Wealthy Affiliate offers to help you in your quest to find financial and personal freedom!

These Are The Only Tools You Need To Make Money Today

Business Platform.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you the actual tools to run your online business.  You can’t have an online business without having websites, and you will be able to build and manage your online websites all in one easy location. Wealthy Affiliate makes everything simple and easy to manage!  The key to online business success is

  1. Create Interesting Websites People Want to Visit
  2. Generate Traffic For those Websites
  3. Generate Advertising Revenue From Businesses That Have Products to Sell

While a simple formula, it is not easy to do this when you do not have the knowledge or the  tools to do it.  But, there is a place that you can find all that you need to succeed with an online business. Wealthy Affiliate will give you the information, education and internet tools that you need to be successful.

While you do not need to have anything to sell, if you do have products, Wealthy Affiliate helps you create and market those websites as well!  You could have a product website selling something that you make in addition to content filled websites.  The great thing is that with your own online business “Empire” the sky is the limit for the types of online businesses that you can create and own.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Make This Laptop Your Best Friend


Training.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the training that you need to build, market, and optimize your websites to attract search engine traffic.  Not only do you get all of the training that you need, but you also get access to a very active online community that is willing to help you with anything that you need!  There is even extensive training to help you find your business “niche.”

The thing that I loved when starting out with this program is that I could start my business right away when I started the training.  Then, as I went further in the training courses, I was able to refine my skills and make my sites even better.  After awhile, people that knew me were amazed at the knowledge that I had in relation to websites and online marketing – before Wealthy Affiliate, I could barely manage a Facebook page!


Even This Kitty Is Successful with Wealthy Affiliate

Business Model. Wealthy Affiliate will train you on the lucrative business opportunities that are available with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you create a website with topics that interest you, and then put ads on your website. When visitors click on the ads and make a purchase, you profit.

The key is to build the content involving things that you love.  You would be surprised – the more odd your interest in, the more likely that there is not enough internet content available!  If you have websites about topics that you love, you will be like me – ecstatic to get to my computer every day.  In today’s world, everyone is online and they want to read about subjects that interest them.

Make Your Computer Into A Money Making Machine!

Your websites can have any other business model as well  in addition to websites that address specific interests.  For instance, if you have any craft that you make or service that you can provide, you will be able to set up websites like that as well.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you can run up to fifty websites!  You can have an online store, information websites, and subscription only websites.

The opportunities are endless!  I have a website to sell products from my small farm, a few information websites about things that I love, and a few selling products and services.  It is great to have a few different business models so that you can find one that works for you and stop spending time on ones that don’t.

My Success.  When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I knew what I wanted to have an online business, but had no clue how to do it.  I started with Wealthy Affiliate while still doing other work.  I created website content, followed all of the instruction, and devoted my time to it like it was a part time job in my spare time.  Thanks to wireless internet, I often did this when I was waiting at the doctors office, while at my kid’s hockey and soccer practice, and at night when the kids were in bed.  The key was that I was consistent, I made myself find the time.

It takes awhile to build website traffic, but through plugging away with the Wealthy Affiliate tips, one day, I realized one of my sites was getting one thousand views each day!  It took about two months of hard work, and I wasn’t even expecting it!  Then, once you have traffic, it keeps coming (kind of like how they say you need money to make money – internet traffic seems to multiple in the same way) and  soon my traffic was to the point that I was actually making money!  I got to leave that soul sucking corporate job behind.

I am not even kidding, I was physically ill every day from a job that was way too stressful and thankless.  After I quit, it was like getting out of prison.  I needed Wealthy Affiliate to work to give me my life back, and it did!

If You Have Tried Other Online Business Opportunities that Ended Up in Failure, Wealthy Affiliate May Be What You Are Looking For.  I had tried several other online business opportunities, and every one was an utter failure and was like throwing my hard earned money away. Not only that, but I wasted all of that time and energy and still had to go back to the tower in the sky working for a boss that was straight out of the movie “Office Space.”   I guess, I wasn’t expecting Wealthy Affiliate to be any different.  But I did the work, kept plugging away and developing my knowledge, and for once, hard work paid off!

A System That Will Work When You Work Hard and Try – What an Amazing Concept!   This is why I cant recommend Wealthy Affiliate enough – you should be able to succeed if you work hard, take it seriously, and follow the training.  I take my online business seriously, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme (that always ends up failing).  It is a business that I made and that I work at when I want, how I want, and where I want.

If you are interested in spending the time developing your own business that will help you create value and earn income then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.  As stated before, I tried many other online business opportunities, and this was the only one that I found that actually allowed me to succeed with my hard work.

If you want a get rich quick scheme, this is not it.  Any program that says you have to do no work and will make thousands instantly is an absolute fraud.  I know – I probably tried them all.  Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, businesses that make those promises of high return for little effort will just take your money and give you nothing in return.

How it Works.  When you go to Wealthy Affiliate by following any of the links on this page (the banners or click on any of the words “Wealthy Affiliate” in this article that are highlighted), you will get a free starter membership.  The starter membership actually allows you to start a website and have access to the first set of internet courses.  The great thing about the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership is that you can at least see what is offered at the premium level.  Not only do you get to try out having your website and the first course, you also can see enough of the premium site to know what you are missing out on!

When to Upgrade from Free Starter Membership to Premium Membership.  Once you have played around and think that you can use the model for success, then I recommend that you upgrade to a premium membership as soon as you are satisfied so that you can access the full experience. It is then that you can begin to build your online business empire and unleash the entrepreneur that is in you.

How Premium Membership Works.  When you upgrade from the free starter membership to the premium membership, you have two options – to pay monthly and yearly.  It is understandable if you want to try out the Premium Membership at first and sign on for a monthly membership. But when you know it is for you, I recommend that people upgrade their account to the yearly membership.

Monthly vs. Yearly Premium Membership.   The yearly membership is not only a huge savings, but also frees you from the agonizing decision in the first few months to keep going. Any business opportunity takes time to build.  With internet businesses you will need time to build up your website content and traffic,  It is the first few months that will be the hardest, before things get going, and if you go yearly, you save so much money PLUS, you wont be tempted to throw in the towel just before success happens.

From my experience, the success sneaks up on you, so having the year paid takes away any temptation to quit AND motivates you to take it serious.  It simply allows you to have the time that it takes to make the business work and takes away a monthly bill that you will have to worry about before you become successful.

I probably shouldn’t spend so much time preaching my opinion that yearly is the way to go but I know that for most starting an online business that money is tight, but I feel it is important to emphasize a) the huge savings and also b) that you do not want to be tempted to quit every month and lose all that you have built just because you were thinking about paying other bills with the membership fee.

What is the Price?  This is a quality business investment, so is of course not free (except for the starter membership of course).  At the time of this writing, the monthly fee is 49.99, but the yearly membership is only $359 – big difference!   Starting a business with such a low investment is the great thing about an online business!

Are There Any Extras You Don’t Know About Until You Pay For Premium Membership?  I hate it when programs do that to you too!  Unlike many other programs, there are no upsells for anything that you need from Wealthy Affiliate.  You will get everything for that price, with one exception.  If you want a paid for domain name instead of a free domain name, you need to pay a small yearly fee  (mine are typically 15.99)

This has to be separate because the name needs to be registered with the international body that registers internet names.  Also,  it wouldn’t be fair to include these because some people may only want one or two websites –  they wouldn’t want to subsidize those getting more domain names.

Comparison to Just Getting a Website at a Website Hosting Company.  Having a decent website, without extras like emails, training and support, used to cost me 29.99 for only one website.   When I signed up for my initial website from a website company that you see advertising low rates on television, it was supposed to be about five dollars.  Then you find out that the quality of the basic one they offer is horrible and that they do not offer any help or extras.  So, before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was paying about 150 a month for three websites.

When I was paying 29.99 a month for a website, that of course included NO TRAINING.  I had horrible websites because I had no idea what I was doing with them,  So, for the cost of one decent quality website at one of the hosting services, you can get the Yearly Premium Membership fro Wealthy Affiliate for the same price as I paid from one terrible website with nothing else.  But just wait until you see all that you get for your money……..

What do You get for the Membership Fee?  You are getting to operate up to fifty websites from the easy to use management platform provided by Wealthy Affiliate!  You will also have access to a ton of training that will make you an expert, and an online community that is dedicated to its members success.  The training is not just how to design a website either.  The training includes how to start a business, different business models, and everything else you need to know to actually run a successful online businesses!

The price for the premium membership is amazingly low.  If you are laughing at that statement, realize that you may not think that amount is low now, and when I first signed on and didn’t know what I was getting, I was stressed about spending the money too.  Within a few weeks, when I realized what I got for the money, I was amazed that all that I received for my membership could be offered for that price.

I could never purchase all of this separately for this, and then it wouldn’t be all wrapped up into this nice pretty package to make doing business easy.  I also wouldn’t have been able to be successful and consider my online business my career.

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Business Investment.  You need to invest to start a business, and this is a small amount and may be able to be treated as a business expense if you are subject to tax laws that allow you to deduct your business expenses.  Remember this is a needed investment for career success.  You probably spend more than this a year on something extravagant that will never make you money.  I would spend the amount of the yearly membership on one complete professional outfit to wear to the office!  That means that I spent way more just to be someone else’s employee!

Online Shopping Is The Future, Get Your Piece of the Action From E-Commerce By Offering A Place for Online Advertising!

Get Started Today! If you are ready to start your online business empire, you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate today!  You can start out with a free starter membership to explore  Wealthy Affiliate  before you make the commitment.  Leave the corporate world behind so that you can spend time with those that matter most.

Spend Time With Those You Love

You CAN be your own boss, DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by! Check out Wealthy Affiliate today!  Click the banner below or click here to go to the sign up page to your free trial today!